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Welcome to GNLUG!

(recursive acronym for GNLUG's Not a Linux User Group, pronounced as “g-n-loog”)

This is a project whose purpose is to push free software forward, and to be a playground for sysadmin enthusiasts. It primarily aggregates different self-hosted services. At the moment, most are invitation-only, but that is bound to change soon.

Where are our servers? Find out!

Administrator: Francisco (email: xmpp:

Public XMPP channel (Español/English):

Donate to GNLUG here: Donate using Liberapay


Go to… /pub/

  • This is a mirror site located in Ashburn, VA (United States) for multiple GNU/Linux distributions.

Go to… git store

  • This is where our repositories are.

Go to… cloud

  • This is our Nextcloud instance.

Go to… media

  • This is our Jellyfin instance.

Go to… mc server status

  • This is the Minecraft server's status and info (requires JavaScript).

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